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Service is based on a hands-free Copy-Trade system that we have developed for clients that have limited time during the day due to family or work commitments. You can now feel worry-free about manual copying.


Our hands-free system is designed just for you.  There is no manual trading and no missed trades. The Copy-Trade service offers you complete freedom in trading. We are extraordinary and boast a proven track-record and background.


When it comes to money, safety is our first priority. You never hand your money over to us and we will never ask you to! Your money stays safely in your own trading account and you have complete control over it.


EliteTradingFX was created when two successful traders joined their forces and began to share their trades. 

Before long, the Copy-Trading system was created, so that anyone who wishes to can copy trades from us. As time passed, our team expanded and EliteTradingFX, as you know it today, was born.

We love sharing our knowledge and trades, and so we created a copy trading service that anyone can join for a small fee.


How Copy-Trading Works

From our past experience, when copy-paste was super popular, we always wanted to develop the software for every future and present client who simply does not have the time to manually copy trade ideas but would like them to be copied to their MT4 account automatically. Mirror trader software works very simply. Your MT4/5 account must be connected to our main trading account via VPS for better internet stability. Every trade that we take, every change that we make on our account, will be instantly copied to our client’s accounts in seconds.

Every client has the whole power over their account to change trading parameters ( Risk per trade, lot sizes, and as well to turn ON or OFF the trader copier software.

Why Use Copy Trader?

We know that not everyone has the time to manually copy trades in time. We also know that with manual copying there can be issues (missing trades, fails from copying the wrong parameters, using false risk management etc ). Because of that, we developed our software to enable everything to be automatic. Every trade is copied automatically to your account once we execute the order.  Every trade has a proper risk per trade and is closed once we close it. You don’t need to worry about when and how to copy the trade, because everything is done automatically on a daily basis. Once you install the software and connect your account to ours, your job is literally done, and you can leave rest to us.

Fast and Global

Our service operates on a global scale, which means as long as you can open the trading account on the Broker and fund it, you can work with us no matter where you are in the world. Because of our VPS service, trade copier works 24/7 without a pause, which means you don’t need to worry about staying up late to copy the trade or waking up too early to do so.  Everything works automatically through our VPS and trade copier software.

Your Funds Are Secure!

We do not have access to your account nor your trading funds.  Funds are properly secured with the broker and their segregated Bank account. We cannot make any changes to your account nor deposit or withdraw funds from your account as we have no access to it. Trader copier is 100% secure and you, as a client, are protected by GDPR’s international law.

Our Pricing

Mirror Settings on VPS

10*/one time
  • Mirror trader setup
  • Account connection
  • VPS setup
  • Mirror settings on your request 

* IMPORTANT – There is a 30€ once-off setup fee. The set-up fee is paid only once when your order is created for the first time and it’s NOT charged monthly.

* Price DOES NOT include VAT where VAT is applicable.

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USDCAD: H4 Time frame Loonie is in the downtrend for a quite some time now, scaling down from the higher TF's such as M-W and Daily we can clearly see that price is moving to the downside. Now the last thing to do after determining the bias is to create a setup on the...

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Weekly report 27.5.2019 – 31.5.2019

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What Our Clients are Saying

I’ve been with ETG for 2 years now. There were ups and downs which is completely normal in trading, but the whole concept of copy trading and their total results is actually outstanding. I would definitily recommend them!

Nino Štibler

Forex Trader

Just a quick notice to all the folks out there, I really like the transparency of this service, the best thing is that, every trade that is placed on Copy-trading software is basically presented and explained in the chart channel in Discord community, so basically you’re always up to date of what happening and why they took the trade. So good!!!

Dominic P.

High School Teacher

I’ve tried a lot of signal services out there, only got scammed but with the ETGFX is totally different. Good support, very good explanation of “How to setup” the software and what is best about everything is that you set your risk % per trade depending on your balance, and programme is automatically set your correct lot size.. I love it! No need to worry anymore to manual copy the trades.. amazing!

Jim H.


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