Signal Guide

Rules & Guidelines:

(Please read the guidelines before you start using our signals and start trading with us!)

Risk- & Money management:

  1. risk per trade 1% – 2%
  2. Not more than 0,12 Lot per 1000$ deposit.
  3. 30 – 50 PIPS + = Set the stop loss to break even (move stop loss on entry point) > risk free trade

„BE rational NOT emotional!“

  1. Focus on the next 1000 trades, not the next 10!
  2. Grow your account step by step!
  3. Do not trade when you are: scared, stressed, without focus, drunk, disappointed, sad, …
  4. Trade when you are: motivated, balanced, focused.
  5. Losing trades were always a part of professional trading!
  6. When you have a loss, do not increase the lot size (revenge trading).
  7. Don’t fight with the market because everything is possible. We cannot control the market.

Trade information:

  1. Trades based on statistics and technical analysis.
  2. We offer three channels:
  • Swing trades (pip entries and minimum loss, holding for 3-20 days)
  • Daily trades (min. 3 per day)
  • Bonus trades (golden nuggets)


*Within the framework of this website and our consultations, neither investment recommendations nor financial services are provided in the sense of the legal provisions. The purpose and content of these consultations are to give the advisory information, and this makes it possible for him/her to make decisions independently and without outside help. If a business registration is necessary, it will be executed by the consultant himself. Also, he is responsible for the taxation of his profits and accountable. In this regard, no liability is accepted. *

ALWAYS use low risk! We’re playing the long-term game! If you can not trade $1000 you will never be able to trade $10.000 mentally. Consistency is the key and quality is more than quantity!!

Focus on the average profit of all your trades and not to double your account with one. Don’t get greedy when you’re gaining money. Trust me. You can lose it much faster than you think.

(Because with a $1,000 account – 5% profit is “only” $50. With a $100.000 account, we have $5.000.) Meaning: Learn to make proper percentage and then INCREASE your account size step by step. Do not let Instagram or the “wealth” of other people affect you.

Work hard and stay on track. Risk management and discipline are the number one key. You will always get money from somewhere. Concentrate on making risk-adjusted pips and %.

There are successful traders with huge trading accounts doing swing, scalp and day trading. This is for sure. Another fact is also that 90% of all traders fail no matter how they trade. And this is not because they do a unique trading style – it is because of EMOTIONS and MINDSET.

What does that mean you may be wondering…? Wherever, whenever and under any circumstances comes to trading you have to keep your mind clear and focused. If you have too many distractions around you, stay away from the charts!

‘’A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.’’

You have to set priorities in your life. What matters the most to you..? we don’t care which day it is, we don’t care about parties, birthdays or whatever.. you have to grind and put in a lot of hard work first after that comes all of the rest.

Have you ever asked yourself how did successful people succeed with their businesses?

We believe that with hard work, dedication and mindset that didn’t let them gave up and back down. Good things take time! A LOT OF TIME. Nothing worth having happens overnight. When you set your mindset to the highest point, trust me, there will be no obstacle tall or tight enough for you!

You have to find your WHY. Why am I doing this..? why do I want this in my life..? Do I want to work for someone else, or do I want to build my own dreams..? Will I take the risk and start something on my own..? or will I watch someone do this instead of me..? Everything is in our hands!

Some people think like this:

Go to school, have good grades and get a good job. Find yourself a good wife/husband, buy a beautiful home and your life will be perfect. But here’s the thing.. of course, you’ll get a job, but what kind of job? Are you free or are you living for those ten free days twice a year and paid bills..?

I’m not saying that job is a bad thing, I admire and respect people who are working and making money, but even more, I appreciate people who are ready to sacrifice everything and make a step towards their dreams no matter what comes across their path. No one will make things happened to you. Here is just YOU against YOU!

There’s one question we get a lot. Why are we working so much..? Why we don’t have the time or take a day/weekend off. Our answer..? We’re not working hard. We’re working smart. We love our work, and we’re not taking our action as work, but as steps towards our success, dreams and purpose.

‘’Time runs fast. So when if not now?! And who if not you?!

Take the risk or lose the chance and most important.. work smart, not hard.’’

When we’re talking about the mindset for forex trading, it’s completely different but not when it comes to the commitment and priorities for studying and learning about it. A lot of people are looking for a way to get some quick money but in success (in forex and everywhere else), there are no shortcuts, not in the long term.


That’s the thing we will always say! Everything else will follow (money, happiness, freedom,..). Forex is not like gambling. It’s pure knowledge with a return in the form of cash.

We always learn the best from our own mistakes. If you don’t try, you will never know. If you fail, TRY AGAIN! And if it’s necessary again and again and again. Never give up on yourself or your dreams! It will take time, a lot of time and probably sleepless nights, but at the end of every single day, you’ll realize how much closer you’re getting and how awesome is the feeling when you think about it!

If you are on the beginning of your trading career, we recommend that everything you learn, you try on your demo account (not just once or twice, but continuously for few weeks/months). If the strategy is right for you and is profitable, go with it. If no, try something new and explore new things and approach. When you find the right way that suits you the most, move on the real account and hold it as long as you’re making profits with it.

Every trader has its strategy. It’s not necessary for you to have the same trading strategy as your friend or trading partner. There’s a lot of different strategies that work, you have to find the one that’s best for you.

Everything depends on you and your power of will towards learning and studying and practicing charts and the market itself. Remember, hard work and long hours will pay off !!

Now that the mindset is clear, back to trading.

We provide you with SWING and DAILY trades, with a RR of 1:3 or more (swing). For example: 50 PIPS StopLoss and 150+ TakeProfit. When the position is 30 – 50 PIPS in profit we move StopLoss on the EntryPoint (BreakEven) which means that the position is risk-free.

‘’Plan your trades, trade your plan.’’

Analysis of yourself

We have to have a focus on the following aspects:

  1. What goals do I have with trading?
  2. How do I define success in trading?
  3. Are there any job opportunities in which I could use my skills even better?
  4. What is my family’s opinion about trading?
  5. Which trader type am I?
  6. How much time is available for trading?
  7. Do you intend to be a swing trader, daily trader or scalper?
  8. Does the chosen timeframe fit my character?
  9. What strengths and weaknesses do I have?
  10. Do I have everything that is necessary to start trading?

Risk and Money Management

Is the most important and most comprehensive part of the trading plan because of its central importance to trading success. Risk management minimizes or avoids losses.

Keep track of how you invest your money. Let’s say you have an initial capital of 10.000 EUR. You allow yourself to lose a maximum of 100 EUR per day from the 10.000 EUR. This is your highest daily loss that you should never exceed. You can have two or three trades with 30-40 EUR stop loss until you reach your total stop loss. You will lose about 100 EUR and take the rest of the day off. But you also take a break when profits occur – if you have a maximum daily profit of 200 EUR or 600 EUR for the week. If you have reached the profit stop or the maximum weekly loss of 300 EUR, stop trading the rest of the week. 

Let’s summarise:

  • Stop at 100 EUR daily loss or 200 EUR daily gain.
  • At 300 EUR weekly loss or 600 EUR weekly win stop.

Even if you lose a part of the money, this approach allows you to survive the drawdown without taking on too huge risks — the key to success: choosing small weekly goals, setting realistic limits and staying optimistic. Especially for beginners, these exact plans are very beneficial.

The constant check of your positions with your goals and limits helps you to stay in control and to not get too emotional – in the positive and negative sense.

Greed is a profit killer and especially for beginners. They can crash their trading account within minutes or hours. Few successful trades in the first weeks of trading never made a professional trader.