Mirror trading is a simplified form of signal usage. Up to now, you had to overwrite a signal from one application to another when the notification appeared. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but some people, unfortunately the time doesn’t allow this because of certain obligations and work.

 What is mirror trading at all? For the user, the EASIEST form of using ETGFx signals. Which means that all positions traded on the main Elite Trading Fx account are automatically activated in your account. Your job is simply to monitor your account via MT4 (on a smartphone or computer). 

If you have any problems with the installation, please contact us via Skype for help.

Skype: affiliate.etgfx

Before you start installing a mirror, you must have a MT4 terminal on your VPS or your PC’s PC from your broker.

1.) Be sure to download the .ex4 file to your PC or VPS server. The file is necessary for setting up the mirror. Instructions on how to properly adjust the mirror are located in the lower image.

2.) For smooth functioning of ETGFX – Mirror trading we recommend using a VPS server since the MT4 terminal is always active and the copying of the signals is smooth. Price is 11.95 € per month. If there are any problems with VPS write to support.

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VPS settings

In the video is shown how to buy and set up VPS correctly.

– Your IP address to the VPS server is located in the control panel ( and the password is sent to your e-mail.

– In case, that you can not connect via remote access (Remote Desktop) or you get an error that the server is not connected, you must restart the server in the control panel (Play button)

– As soon as you start the VPS server, you must disable IE Security as shown in the image.

– In the terminal, enter the following: slmgr.vbs -rearm . This command activates the Windows server license.

– License must be activated within 15 minutes after received email with password. In case you do this later your server will be shut down and you will need to turn it back on in the control panel.

If you want, technical assistance can make the installation.

Before purchasing a VPS server, you have the option of selecting technical assistance where the technician performs the installation and loads the MT4 terminal on your server. Before completing the purchase in “Notes / Additional Information, be sure to specify which broker you are using.

Links that you HAVE TO copy into Tools/Options/Expert advisors!



1.) After the setup of the mirror is completed, you HAVE TO send your trading number and the first and last name on our e-mail, so we can connect you to the program.


Skype: affiliate.etgfx

2.) after you send us a message via Skype that you have sent the account number. If there are any problems with the settings of the mirror, contact us via Skype.

3.) When we announce that your account number is accepted, open the terminal where you have the mirror loaded, press the Provider list and enter below:


 Next to the number,you type ETGFX under Description and press OK.

4.) Mirror settings

 Max slippage: 10 

 Set stop loss by risk %

– Risk %: 1.0% or 2.0%, (3.0% is on your own appetite)

– Max lot: 0.0

Always consider the risk of 1-3%. On average, stop loss is 30-60 pips. 

4.) When you entered our number under the Provider list and set the Mirror settings correctly, press the Disable button below, and if you change the caption to Enable you have correctly set all the settings.