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Meet the trading results you desire. Signals are sent daily via Telegram channel. Professional tehnical analysis and updates for every signal that is send to you. We are aiming for quality not quantity. No overtrading, less risk and more profit. We have 5+ years of experiences in the market. Secure the bag with us in the safest way possible.


• 7-10 signals per week
• 800 – 1000 pips average on month
• Instant market execution
• Pending orders
• Signal updates and tehnical overview
• Swing and daily trades
• Sniper entries


Fully automated software, fore every client that doesn’t have much time for trading, because of the work, family etc. Software is designed just for you *HANDS FREE*

• Trades are automaticly copied to your MetaTrader 4
• Fixed lot per balance or risk % per your balance
• Hands FREE (We are doing everything for you)
• 500 – 800 pips average on month
• Trade updates
• Instant market executions and pending orders

ETGFX – Setups :

Because we want the best for all clients, we decided to give educational material via technical and fundamental analysis, explained in details.

• Market updates
• Tehnical analysis
• Fundamental analysis
• Educational material (Video)
• Deep market understanding

Our moto: We create traders, not followers!

Copy and Educate

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